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They say that as you age, your taste buds change.  Well, not sure what the heck is going on with mine but I am frighteningly addicted to pistachio nuts.  It’s bad, friends.  If I run out of these precious, green beauties, I freak and drive immediately to my local Henry’s market for a new bag of booty.  Have you ever had a pistachio?  They are positively the most wonderful little nuts in the world.  Mmmmm….


That’s it!  I’m getting the lazik surgery.  I can’t take another day of squinting to make out the street signs.  I’m getting crow’s feet around my eyes and that is simply not acceptable.

So, today at 10:45 I am having my initial consultation in La Jolla.  The Lazik Vision Institute is offering interest free financing for an entire year if I have the procedure by the end of the year.