Wow.  What a few weeks it’s been!  Everyone and their mamma ordered a quilt this year for Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.  We love the fact that we get to be a part of so many families’ special occasions.  Bot boy, it sure was a lot of hard work.

Making a photo quilt is a really time consuming process.  First, the customer submits their photos to us either by mail or by email.  The email thing really needs to be changed as this year especially, customers were very frutrated by the fact that TYB has no way to upload files through the web site. Guess what I’ll be working on this week?  Photos are either organized into a digital folder with the order number or scanned and organized.  Next, we create templates for the photos.  All the photos are given personal attention to make them look their best.  Then, we print them on our heavy-duty color laser printers.  Next, the photos are carefully cut into individual squares.  Lastly, we transfer them onto our handmade quilts with a high temperature heat press at 400 degrees.  It’s hot, detailed work. 

We worked long nights and weekends.  We are still working on the last of the quilts even as I write this.  We are quite proud of the fact that every single order placed for Christmas will be shipped in time for delivery on the 24th.  This has been quite a feat!