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We are very excited!  The walls of the new factory were painted this morning and we couldn’t be more stoked!  It’s like K-Mart circa 1968 on a super sugar buzz.  Here’s a pic of mom modeling one of the new photos we will use to decorate the lunch/conference area:


We plan to be all settled in by September 1.  It’s going to be a lot of work.  TYB has been at our current space on La Costa Meadows Drive since 2003 so you can just imagine the amount of stuff we have coming out our ears here.  The new space is about 1000 square feet larger so we get to have a whole big work area that we never had before and guess what?  It’s air conditioned!  YAY!


The new floors go in on Tuesday.  We picked “Ocean Blue” which is a really dark turquoise and the baseboards are going to be purple.  Yes!  Purple!  I am going to paint large younique daisies all over the walls just as soon as I get some time to go to Lowes and get the stuff.



Mom made Gretchie and Hunter matching bandanas.  They are only for special occasions.


I just received another call from a customer who has received one of our  Family Portrait Platters, loved it, and wants to buy one for a friend.  This was the third such call this week so I thought I would share with you this wonderful product line.  Family Portrait Platters make a great family gift idea.

With up to 22 figures on our biggest platter, we will hand paint each member of your family to look like them.  You pick the hairstyles, hair and skin colors – heck, even tell us how they normally dress.  If the kids have sports or hobbies, let us know, we’ll incorporate those too.


It’s really interesting.  I started The Younique Boutique in 2001, right after my wedding.  We got married at the Hyatt in downtown San Diego and my mother, a very talented watercolor artist, painted a darling little painting of the hotel against San Diego bay for my new husband as a gift.  It was a very moving gift and everyone told her she should go into business selling the wedding paintings online.  That one product line expanded to two and then three and then so on until the boutique grew into what it is today.

The interesting thing is that The Younique Boutique sprung up as a result of my wedding and now, with my wedding this October, I get a chance to really experience the web as a bride.  I find myself watching tv or reading a book and thinking, “I really need to go online and research wedding vows or wedding hairstyles…I wonder if a picture my wedding dress is online somewhere.” Today, my friend and I were talking about if I wanted a bachelorette party and we started brainstorming some ideas.  As soon as I got home tonight, I rushed to my trusty MacBook and started searching from some ideas.  In the interest of the web at large, I would like to add our ideas here:

  1. Wine tasting and dinner in Temecula.  We live really close to Temecula, California, home to many, many fine wineries.  We could meet and take a limo North for about 45 minutes at around 3:00 and visit two wineries for a tasting and then have reservations at one of the winery restaurants there. Limo ride home.  
  2. Salon day.  I love visiting the spa, don’t you?  What a luxury it would be to spend a whole day with my favorite peeps getting pampered.  I would arrange it on the Thursday before the wedding.  Facial, nails, pedicure, massage.  If we had it at a resort, we could arrange lunch half way through – preferably in robes.
  3. Catalina Island would be fun if we got a couple of rooms in late September.  There’s great seafood and little shops.  We could take walks or rent scooters.

I can’t think of anything else…I might revisit this.

So, in typical Brina fashion, I have once again bitten off more than my fair share and find myself planning the wedding of the century…plus, we’re moving the factory to a larger factory on in August…plus, we’re planning a honeymoon in Napa…big plus, I am redesigning the Younique Boutique from the ground up. 

We have over 100 guests on the guest list so far, and it’s growing.  The problem with marrying someone so sweet and so nice is that you end up with a large guest list.  Gussie knows a million people and has a million fans.  He also has a very large family.  We are really lucky.

Here’s what I can tell you so far about the wedding:  It is October 11, 2008 at 5om in the evening.  We are pleased to be having the wedding just up the street from our house in Elfin Forest at a really lovely private estate.  We will do a tropical theme and serve Polynesian fare and three types of cupcakes!  TYB’s next door neighbor happens to be one of the best caterers in North County San Diego so we’re totally stoked. 

We are each having four attendants.  On Gus’ side, Stookey, Tony, Jesse and Aaron – his closest buds.  On mine, Pamela, June, my sister Candy and Gus’ sister, Lisa.  I will always remember the day we asked our friends and family to be in our wedding. It was very special.  The ladies will wear four shades of pink/peach and the dudes will wear white linen shirts with khaki pants. Gussie got a lovely beige linen suit which looks FANTASTIC on him.  He’s normally very adorable but just wait until he puts on a suit.  WOW!  He’s the most handsome man I have ever met.

I went shopping yesterday with my mom and Gus’ mom, Jan.  We bought their dresses.  My mother is going to be wearing the most beautiful, glamorous Calvin Klein gown.  Jan will be wearing a gold Adrienne Papel gown.  They are going to be total knock-outs!  The dads will be wearing dark blue suits with white, open shirts. 

We are having a band play called Sticky Situation.  Gus is good friends with the drummer, Scotty.  They play reggae and ska and some covers.  I think they’re great so I’m super happy they agreed to play.  They have also agreed to letting up play some songs; Gus’ dad, Steve will play a song for us and then Gus and I will also have a number worked out.  This time, I will just sing while he plays guitar as the last time we arranged a number with both of us on guitars, I got really nervous and anxious about not being very good and pretty much ruined it.   It’s much better when Gus plays and I sing.

We selected our former Customer Service Lead and Production Artist Julia Russell to do the photography.  Since a large part of the day will be dedicated to product photography, Julia was the perfect fit.  She knows the TYB product line inside and out and she’s a fantastic photographer.  Also, we just plain miss her since she moved up to Orange County so we’re happy to have her back for a night!

The invites go out on Monday.  Everyone at work has been really helpful in getting this all together.  Tim, my shipping and ceramic studio manager, made all the mailing tubes and my mom worked for two days straight rolling the invites up and tying raffia around them.

My next task is to tackle the vow writing.  Gus and I will do our own vows and it’s really important that I get them just right.  There are a million things bursting in my heart right now and I just can’t wait to tell them to him that night in October.  I found my perfect fit, my soul mate, my best friend.  Finding my sweet Gussie has been an answer to a thousand questions and has renewed my faith in the universe.  That two people can find one another in this vast world and mold so perfectly into one – it’s so mind boggling.  Every day that we have been together has been a gift and I can’t believe my good fortune to get to spend the rest of my life with this extraordinary man. Along with Gus also comes his wonderful family who have accepted me into their hearts completely.  Yay for me!!!

Guess what?  I’m getting married!  Gus and I got engaged a few weeks ago in Julian.  It was a really great weekend.  We went wine tasting and horse back riding and then, Saturday night after dinner, Gus popped the question – and I said, “YES!!!”


We are getting married on October 11, 2008.  I can’t wait.  Oh, and guess what will be on top of our cake?  Well, of course – a custom wedding cake topper.