Just got back from a lovely honeymoon in Hawaii.  The sun, the waves, the crystal clear water.  We didn’t want to leave.  But, we have a business to run and three poochies that missed us a lot and two sets of parents that were sick of doggie sitting.  So, alas, we have returned to real life.

The wedding was magical.  You know how you plan an event and then have several nights of dreams about it not working out as planned?  Like, you forgot the dress or you have no time to put your make-up on?  Well, the night before my wedding, I didn’t sleep a wink.  Laid there all night, on the couch, listening to Hunter snore and I didn’t sleep at all.  I was so anxious that I denied my body much needed rest and I was horrified that I was ruing the most important day of my life by being zombie bride.

Luckily, endorfins kicked in at around noon and champagne really helps!  I was fine until about 9 when I was ready for the party to be over.  It wasn’t.  It lasted until 2.  By then, yes, I was a zombie bride and my sweet adorable Gussie was very drunk, very happy and dancing on stage.  The photographer had left by then…lucky for him because I would have posted that picture right here.

It was one of those really emotional weddings where all you can hear are sobs coming from the audience.  The bridesmaids were bawling.  I managed to keep it together – sleep deprivation helps with emotion control.  Gussie just called me at the office begging me to take down his cry shot from my facebook.  I better do so before the groomsmen see it.  They are merciless.  Anyway, it was super touching.  Everyone was like, “wow, you guys REALLY dig eachother!”  We do.  We are like peas and carrots.

Here are some photos.  Enjoy!