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1) The average bride spends between $1000 and $3000 on flowers.  Save this money by creating interesting candle centerpieces.  Used, thrift store candles in different sizes, colors and shapes are super cheap.  Glass stones, feathers and clear saucers with food-colored water with make a colorful container.  Bridesmaids can carry a single flower.

2) A live band, depending on their reputation and experience, can cost up to $5000 for the night. Save the cash by visiting local bars and clubs 6 months in advance.  Approach your favorites via their web sites and tell them what a big fan you are.  Ask how much they will charge to play at your wedding.  Usually, each band member will expect at least $100.  A typical 5 piece band will cost just $500 for the evening!

3) The most expensive portion of any wedding is catering.  A seated dinner can be anywhere from $20 – $50 a person.  Local eateries that may be a little less than fancy (think El Pollo Loco) are used to catering large events for $7 – $10 a person.  Disguise the restaurants name by using decorative pieces for your buffet. Fit the food to your theme.  A Sunday afternoon affair works well with typical bbq cuisine and can be formalized by the way it’s presented.  Hawaiian food (kalua pork, coconut rice, pineapple slaw, etc) can be dressed up to be super festive.

4) Brides will spend thousands of dollars on the perfect gown.  The dress is worn for one day and once you have worn it and soiled the underside, good luck selling it.  Instead, buy a used gown on eBay.  You can purchase your dress at auction from a bride who has worn it and dry cleaned it OR better yet, buy one that needs to be dry cleaned and altered and save lots of cash.  Buy a dress a size larger than you need and have it tailored for the perfect fit.

5) Invitation set the mood of the your event.  Save lots of money buying generic invitations (you can find cheap ones with no frills online) and embellish them yourself.  Rubber stamps with metallic ink, die cut 3D paper forms, dried flowers all can be added to create a gorgeous look for less than a fancy designer invite.  Save money on postage by enclosing post card RSVP cards instead of cards in small envelopes.  You can cut your return mail postage in half by using postcard stamps instead of first class stamps.

6) Liquor can eat a sizable chuck of your wedding day budget.  Save a ton of cash by purchasing the following: one keg of good beer; one bottle of discount white and discount red wine per table (Costco or Beverages n’ More); one or two large bottles of a decent liquor of choice and two choices of mixers.  Skip the champagne toast all together – you can have champagne on hand for those who enjoy it but the majority of guys can’t stand it and it always goes to waste.  You can have your toast but let folks toast with whatever they have in their glass. 

7) Save money by finding a location that costs little or no money for its use.  Start with private homes of friends and family.  Next, hit up the local city parks.  Whatever you do, stay away from hotels.  You will be forced to buy their vendor packages and while it may seem like a good deal, the personalization aspect is super low and in the long run, you will be paying for a lot of unnecessary details.

8) Select a respected family friend or family to perform your ceremony.  Professional officiants charge hundreds of dollars and often have a set ceremony with little need for your personal input.  In many states, you can pay a small fee to ordain a private citizen to perform the duties.  In most cases, this chosen person agrees to pay the fees in exchange for the honor of marrying you.

9) Save money and your feet with a cute pair of white sneakers instead of uncomfortable, bejewelled slippers.  No one will see your feet under your gown anyway.

10) Skip the tropical honeymoon and take a road trip.  Spend some time with your sweetie out on the open road and go explore a little together.  Save your cash by packing a cooler and make romantic picnics in scenic national parks.  Bring your tent and spend your evenings under the stars.  End the trip with a night in a really nice, fancy hotel or resort.  There’s nothing better than getting real grubby on a camping trip and them taking a long, luxurious shower in a fancy-schmancy resort.

Don’t scrimp on the photography, make-up and hair.  If your photographs aren’t everything you’ve been dreaming of, you will always have a sour taste in your mouth.  Save your money on videography – who wants to see themselves on video anyway?


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