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Ok, that was not easy.  No sir-ee.  We finally got funding today and got the keys to our new house!  Not a moment to spare either.  We are super stoked to move in this Friday after the painters work their colorful magic this week.  Lots of work to do but hot dog – they let me buy a house!


I’m not sure if this is a common thread that runs through the lives of every human being or if I’m just a spoiled brat BUT even when I find myself in one of those really exciting chapters of my life, I have a really bad habit of letting myself stress out to the point that I can’t even enjoy it.

Take right now for example.  Hubby and I are expecting our first child which we have been waiting for and dreaming of for years.  We were so lucky to get pregnant on our honeymoon and find out about our little bean the day we returned.  We decided to start looking seriously for a house shortly after that. 

We finally decided on a house and the offer was finally accepted on the short sale at the end of March.  Not exactly ideal – would have been nice to have been moved in by then.  But, we figured that getting the house about a month, month and a half before the due date would give us plenty of time to nest and it would have the added bonus of taking our minds off the waiting for baby’s arrival.

Getting financing proved to be VERY challenging.  Conventional financing turned out to be a pipe dream so at the 11th hour, we switched to the FHA route.  This wasn’t a piece of cake either but we had back up plans and a very solid agent that knows his business very well.  We finally got loan approval sign off two weeks ago.  Now, we are sitting and waiting for the docs to be drawn up so we can sign them, close escrow and take possession of the property.

I had to rent my place out to some very nice people that have been flexible with us and agreed to move their move-in date from June 1 to June 20th.  So, that’s the deadline.  June 20th.  We need to be out of here, have this place clean and ready to go for them by the morning of Saturday June 20th. 

The hitch is that we need the new place painted before we move in.  The interior walls are painted a horrible mustard yellow with dark red accent walls.  Yucky, yucky, yucky.  Can’t do it.  Just can’t.  Of course our friend Darrin, our painter and incidentally, the guy who married us as well, will be taking a long weekend right smack dab in the middle of this.  He’ll be gone Friday through Tuesday and he needs 3 and a half days to do the painting.

I lost you.

Anyway, here’s my point.  Baby is due June 30th.  I’m pretty sure he won’t come early.  Most new moms go past their due dates and I have a feeling I won’t be any different.  My best guess is July 3rd for his birth date – but what the heck do I know?

I am so darn scared that he will come into a world of chaotic, unpacked boxes.  “Where are those darn diapers?”  “I know we have a changing pad somewhere.”

Well, that’s it for me.  Ryder will be full term tomorrow so he can come anytime.  Psychologically, I think I’m ready.  I’m getting a little scared of labor and delivery but I think I can handle it and I have a great coach.  Besides, I am starting to really get sick of caring around this extra 30 plus pounds of uterus.  It’s pretty uncomfortable.

But, see what I mean?  This should be a really exciting time for me (I mean, it is in a way) but I am so darn stressed about the timing of everything.  Plus, I’m like no help whatsoever in packing or moving.  I can’t even get from one position to another without some help.  It’s really sad.