DSC_0820.JPGOctober 8, 2009
3 Months Old

Wow, it’s been an interesting few months to say the least.  I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping track of all your milestones, my little buddy, and I am sorry for that.  Bad mommy.  So, I thought I’d do a recap here of the last few months.

When you came home from the hospital you were just an ounce or two lighter than when you were born at 8 lbs and 7 oz.  I’m not sure how much your little pee pee skin weighed so we’ll attribute it to that.  You were nursing just fine after the few days once my milk came in and right from the start, you were a hungry baby.  For the most part, you would eat predictably every 3 hours and sometimes, during a growth spurt, every two hours.  Today, you are still majorly into eating.  We spend a lot of time nursing, you and me.  It’s not so painful anymore and now that you’re getting so huge, I don’t need a million pillows to support your body.

Lately, you have started to get interested in our food.  You watch us when we eat and if we put a little something into your mouth, you get this real curious look on your face.  Daddy offered you his apple core the other day and you were so excited to taste it!  You’re going to have no problem transitioning into solid foods.

You’ve been a strong boy from day one.  Right on schedule, you were meeting milestones like holding your neck up when pulled by your little hands.  You can stand on your own two feet really well too.  You enjoy being pulled up into an upright position – the world looks really different when you are upright!  Now, at 3 months, you are just starting to be able to vocalize and smile when upright.  Before now, it required too much concentration to do both.

Speaking of smiling, you were right on schedule.  Your first smiles started at around 6 weeks but we didn’t consistently see any real happiness until 2 months.  Today, if I look at you and smile, I’m almost guaranteed to get some love back.  Omi and Daddy are also in the “in” crowd.  Mimi and Papa spent your second month in Europe so they are now trying hard to work back into your inner circle.  I think Grandpa is a little rough and he made you cry a little last night when he tried to kiss you.  You also smile for Terri at the office and she gets a major kick out of you and your changes.

The last week has seen a lot of changes.  You are getting better with those pesky hands of yours.  This morning, you were able to direct your little hand into my big hand when you were nursing.  You like to hold my hands when your eating.  You also started to try to sit up this week – unsuccessfully.  You can hold your head up pretty well while laying on your tummy.  You hate it though and usually cry after a minute or two.  We’re supposed to spend 15 minutes a day on tummy time.  I think your neck is getting stronger by being carried around while you hold it up.  I you have a weak chest and shoulders while reading this (should you ever read this), it’s my fault.  I didn’t do enough tummy time with you because I HATE to hear you cry.

You love kicking your legs and they are so long!  We knew they’d be because your leg bone was always measuring ahead of schedule on ultrasounds.  But boy, you are a long baby!  And heavy!  You weigh almost 15 lbs now. There’s a little boy in our playgroup that was born 5 days before you – Desmond – and he’s like half your length.  His head and body are roughly the same but our legs are way longer.  His mommy jokes that you’re going to be Des’ body guard. 

You were born with some hair.  It’s a medium brownish-reddish color and it’s a little curly at the end.  It’s starting to fall out now around your ears.  Don’t worry – we comb over the hair on tip to hide the bald spots.  You also have a rather dry scalp right now.  It’s called “cradle cap” and I want to rub oil on your head but I hate when you have greasy head so I refrain.

The most fun thing of all is that lately, you’ve been talking to us.  Your favorite two words are “ah-oo” but said like a European accent (hard to describe in type) and “ah-boo” while blowing raspberries.  Can you say, CUTE?!?  Oh my goodness.  We can spend a whole afternoon just talking and making faces at you so that you’ll talk back and smile your charming little smile.  Sometimes, when you start getting hungry, “ah-boo” gets rather demanding and you wrinkle your brow just like Daddy.

You’re a great baby.  You still wake up 2 times a night to eat but you go right back to sleep.  You hardly ever get gas or get fussy.  Sleeping was a challenge the first couple of months but we’re used to our schedule now.  We go to bed around 10 and I top off your tank until you fall asleep.  Then I put your swaddled little body into the bassinet.  You wake up at 1:30 or 2am and Daddy feeds you a pumped bottle.  Then, you go into your swing.  You sleep until 4 or 5 and then I feed you in bed and let you fall asleep next to me.  Usually, you wake up to eat at 7ish and after you eat, Daddy takes you downstairs to hang out. 

You are a spitter.  Right as we speak, you are laying next to me on the couch and puking.  It’s pretty annoying.  Everything is always soaking wet and smelly.  I can’t wait until you can keep it down.

Overall, you are a little baby doll.  You are so darn cute and lovable.  I can’t remember life without you and I don’t want to.  I asked Daddy what we used to do before you were born and he said, “wait.”  My whole life has been leading up to meeting you, Ryder.  You are the perfect combo of Mom and Dad – a little love machine.  I wish for you your daddy’s sweet nature and your mommy’s big brain.

Love, Your ever-loving Mommy