We were at Mimi’s house today and she thought it would be fun to get Ryder’s daddy’s baby book out.  We looked at photos of him when he was 8 months old, just like Ryder is now, and got a good laugh.  RyD’s daddy was a huge baby and he had tons of teeth at just 10 months old.  Since he was the first born in his family, his mommy was fastidious about entering everything into his baby book – all his injuries, triumphs and feats. 

It got me to thinking, RyD is 8 months old and I haven’t written too much of anything down.  With the exception of this here blog, most of Ryder’s history will have to examined by photo.  But, before I forget this stuff, I want to at least jot down some important stuff.

Ryder is about 8 and half months old.  He sleeps like a champ.  While other moms complain of fussy nights and impossible mornings, Ryder goes down every night by 6 and sleeps until 7 or 8.  It’s been that way ever since sleep training which we performed at 6 months.  It took about 2 weeks but man, was it worth it.  Tonight, we even put him down in a crib at his grandparents’ house and he fell right to sleep with not so much as a peep.

Ryder has an excellent constitution.  He is teething a bit but he always has regular bowel movements and I haven’t noticed any indigestion.  No food allergies.  He loves to eat – everything!  Thankfully, we avoided his father’s famous aversion to olives and pickles.  If her can fit it in his mouth, he’ll eat it.  He mostly enjoys oatmeal with apple sauce for breakfast and something savory for dinner like carrots, beef and vegetables.  Yummy! 

Overall, Ryder has a lovely disposition – just as long as he’s the center of attention.  He is very quick to smile and he has the most adorably infectious little giggle.  He’s all boy too – he makes a lot of grunts and triumphant bellows!  Like a baby caveman. 

He loves to play with everything and all objects must be mouth inspected first.  His first little tooth is coming in this week – on the bottom left – and we’re not sure how bad it hurts him.  He seems to be handling it well. 

The big news this month is the cruising.  While he can’t quite get his big 20 lb. body up on his own, with a little help, he loves to stand.  He could stand all day.  He loves practicing to walk which is a bit back breaking for his folks – I never had back issues up until this month.  Luckily, he’s starting to get pretty good at using the couch to waddle around.

What a little angel this child is.  I still can’t believe my fortune in getting to be his mom.  He makes my world a better place every day.