Ryder takes two 2 hour naps a day and sleeps from about 6pm to 7am daily.  When he is awake, he is practicing.  He never stops.  He is constantly in a cycle of crawl to the wall, pull yourself to a standing position, walk as far as you can manage, fall to the floor and catch yourself paying particular attention to protecting your head, crawl to the wall, pull yourself to a…”  By the time he goes for a nap or to bed, he is exhausted.  And slightly sweaty. 

He is not only working on walking constantly, he is multi-tasking his development by also working hard on carrying objects as he practices walking.  When he isn’t carrying and walking, he is reaching and walking – perfecting the art of picking things off the ground and elsewhere.  He falls on his little butt about 85-95% of the time.  Crawl to the wall, pull yourself to a…”

I am equally impressed with his new language abilities.  It is amazing how expressive a human baby can be using two freakin’ syllables – BA and BA.  He has been babbling BA BA pretty much ceaselessly in a myriad of different tones and inflections for a few weeks at least.  But, yesterday, something magical happened.  He discovered that if he used his new baby arm wave at the same time he says his same ol’ BA BA, everyone goes nuts. 
CIMG1789.JPGRyder still has one tooth.  It is starting to be a conversation starter at the playground.  Most 10 month old babies have the typical two to four teeth.  On the plus side, he can eat all the strawberries he likes with no hassels from the seeds.