Ryder is 2 days shy of 11 months.  This year has shot by like a rocket and it’s scaring the crap out of me!  At this rate, I’ll be a grandma in a blink of an eye. 

My kid has been walking now for over a month and at this point, he’s borderline pro.  If there was an extreme sport for toddling, Ryder would be a serious contender.  He has mastered slowing, stopping and turning.  Carrying multiple items is really no big deal.  As of yesterday, he’s standing up without the aid of the wall, a chair or mom mom’s leg. 

His latest party trick is talking on the “phone.”  No need for an actual phone – he is fine with the remote control, his bottle or a hand will do.  He puts the “phone” to one ear and yells “HEY!”  We find it very amusing.

Yesterday, he was in his stroller for a walk when he turned around to me, cocked his little head and yelled “Mom mom?”  It was the first time I knew that he knew that I was Mom mom.  It was awesome.

I have no idea how big and tall the kid is getting but he’s massive.  And gorgeous.  Now, I know I’m his Mom mom and I’m totally biased but my oh my is that one good looking boy!  His hair is now so thick and golden brown.  His eyes are giant pools of chocolate brown.  He makes this adorable little scrunchy, happy face.

Happy 11 months, Gustav Ryder. You are the apple of my eye!