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Pomeranian wedding cake toppers

Pomeranian wedding cake toppers

If your furry friends are more like family, why not have a custom pet wedding cake topper?  We use your photos to sculpt a 5.75″ topper that looks exactly like your pets.  We’ll even add a bow tie and a veil – just like a proper little wedding couple.  The one above, Pomeranian Wedding Cake Topper, can also be purchased and custom painted.

Here’s one we did with Papillons.  We think it would work for a Chihuahua Wedding Cake Topper as well.

Papillon or Chihuahua Wedding Cake Topper

Papillon or Chihuahua Wedding Cake Topper



hunting cake toppers

Armed couple wedding cake topper

One of the biggest trends we see these days is hunting themed weddings and wedding cakes.  We have quite a few hunting wedding cake topper styles to choose from, but here is new option to choose from.  We call this style Armed Couple Cake Topper.

Country Wedding Cake Topper


This adorable Country Wedding Cake Topper features a bride and groom in cowboy boots, sitting on a bale of hay.  She’s got a fishing reel in one hand and her groom holds a rifle.  It’s just perfect for the country couple that wants to get a little rustic on their wedding cake.

zombie_hunter_Cake_topper1 zombie_family_topper

So, zombie themed wedding cake toppers seem to be a thing these days.  We love all the creative ways brides are expressing their individuality and lately, the wedding cake seems to be the perfect place to get fun.  The groom love it and the guests have something to talk about.

Our customer wanted to create her entire family for the topper and have them each facing a different direction, armed to fight gum paste zombies that will be creeping up the cake.

Our Zombie Hunter Wedding Cake Topper is available for order with your faces and hair custom sculpted.  We’ll custom paint the clothing and even add some blood if you want!