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Superman Wedding Cake Topper with Mermaid

Our client was interested in creating a custom wedding cake topper for her son and future daughter-in-law.  She knew that he always fancied himself as a bit of a Superman and was quite sure that she wanted to have him displayed in Superman’s costume on the cake topper.  The tricky part was incorporating her daughter-in-laws love of swimming in the piece.  This is where custom wedding cake toppers can really save the day!

Using images we found from the most recent installment of the Superman movie franchise and images of mermaids , we created this spot on, personalized wedding cake topper.  We even incorporated the bride’s alma matter colors into her dark blue tail and white bikini top.  Check out our standard superhero wedding cake toppers here.


Star Wars Rey and Deadpool wedding cake topper

Our client was interested in combining her love of Star Wars episode VII and his love of Deadpool.  So, we created this adorable customized wedding cake topper that shows them both.  The customer provides a few sketches of the poses she liked as well as images that showed Daisy Ridley as Rey and Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume.  We also used images from the comic book and movie stills we found online from Star Wars.

We can create any custom wedding cake topper you can imagine.  We have several standard star wars wedding cake toppers that can be customized to look like you.  We also feature several superhero wedding cake topper styles that can be personalized to show your true identity.