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I know I got to be better about updating my blog about baby #2. Why is it so hard to do? I mean, the kid is freakin’ gorgeous and funny and she blows the other babies away. So, it isn’t like I have nothing to say about her.

Willow is a little shy of 8 months. She is starting to crawl by going down on her hands and usually flopping on her face. But lately, she is pushing up on her knees before flopping on her face. Of course, in true Willow style, she wails likes a wounded soldier every time she flops. We were outside today in the fresh summer air with her friend Dillon and I swear, Dillon didn’t make a peep the whole time. She just played with her toys and smiled. Willow lasted about 10 minutes and started being annoyed. She wanted to stand up and got frustrated with me for not facilitating better.

She has 4 teeth now and she looks really good with teeth! Plus, she can eat pineapple now by biting off tiny little portions and sucking them in. She’ll take your hand right off if you’re not careful. Girl likes to eat! She eats all sorts of fruits and I finally got around to buying some purees which aren’t half bad. She loves sweet potatoes and tonight, maybe some peas.

Sleeping is going better. She still hasn’t quite accepted that Daddy isn’t going to rock her to sleep anymore. He stopped about 2 weeks ago. She goes to bed at around 7am and cries for about 10 minutes before going to sleep. She wakes up like clock work at 5:45 – which pretty much sucks. Ryder is getting potty trained and has learned to hold it all night so when he hears little Sissy up at 5:45, he starts yelling “MAMA! I NEED TO GO PEE! CAN YOU COME GET ME??!”

Willow is more into crying than talking these days although sometimes she will rattle off a “ba ba” or a “fffff.” She is awfully sweet and loves to be kissed. She especially likes to have her belly blown on and laughs hysterically.



I’ve been getting my best photos lately in the bathroom.  Yeah, I know that sounds weird but the kids look especially cute when their hair is wet and they are having so much fun splashing and floating that they look pretty happy.  Our bath tub has awesome lighting with a huge window right over it and the sun pours in just right.  I also like the blue grey hues of the water against their peachy skin.



As I waste away more of my life on Pinterest I am once again reminded by all the other doting moms in the world that time with my little ones is oh so precious and I better get my act together and start scrapbooking and documenting it OR ELSE it will be gone in a heartbeat and I will be an old, lonely woman with a bad memory and nothing to show for it.  I was pretty darn lousy jotting down anything about Ryder when he was a tiny babe too but at least with Ryder, I had some peace and quiet and the wherewithal to blog every so often about his milestones.  I find now that I am quite grateful that I did because now that Willow is reaching those same milestones, I am curious as to how things were our first go around. 

Willow, my little bee, you are now 4.5 months old and jeez girl, you are a total pain in my ass.  Cute as a button, don’t get me wrong, with a smile that would stop traffic and makes everyone lucky enough to witness it coo with delight.  Your single dimple is more like a moon crater in your sweet and peachy cream face with your adorable round cheekies and perfect, pouty cherry lips.  Oh, and your eyes.  They are a fascinating dark slate grey with hints of rust – pools of perfection.  But your attitude and demeanor, lord have mercy, you are a pain in my ass.

You’re a good eater but you prefer to snack every 20-30 minutes rather than sticking around for a regular meal.  This has made milk production rather strange and we are glued to one another.  That was all fine and good until I started feeling weird urges to join the rest of the adult world and have an evening (or gosh, maybe a weekend) out, by myself, without you.  Darn it, I forget to teach you to eat out of a bottle.  I’m screwed. 

You aren’t sleeping well during the day and you prefer to be held and cuddled for naps which is pretty impossible since I have three jobs and another kid to contend with.  Night time is ok – you have been waking 2-3 times to eat but from my recollection, you are a better night sleeper than your big bruddah who ate ’round the clock.

At 4.5 months, you are working on rolling over, sitting up and standing.  You are incredibly strong and a big girl!  95th percentile for height and weight. 

Well, you just woke up from your nap, so I better go before you get really angry at me. 

Ryder is just a bit over 17 months and his intelligence has far exceeded both dogs for months now.  His father and I consider him very lucky to be both handsome and intelligent.  Kid has it made.

Here is a list of all recognizable words my baby smarty-pants can say:

  • Mama, Mommy
  • Dada, Daddy
  • Mimi (older ladies)
  • Papa (older men)
  • Stella (our little dog)
  • Turtle
  • Woody (from Toy Story)
  • Buzz
  • Minnie (Mickie Mouse)
  • Na Na (food)
  • Juice
  • Book
  • Ba Ba (pacifier)
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Spoon
  • No
  • Uh oh
  • Shoes
  • Toe
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Eye
  • Belly
  • Pee Pee
  • Poo Poo
  • Hat
  • Teeth
  • Animal noises on command: woof, moo, baa, nee, cock-a-doodle-doo, elephant, meow, quack quack, oink

Additionally, we have been able to confirm that he understands what the following words are:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Head
  • Hot
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Tongue
  • Car
  • Upstairs
  • Downstairs
  • Blanket
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Sofa
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • TV
  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Bear
  • Bunny
  • Goat
  • Chicken

He has become an expert level pointer and lately, he has been associating hand gestures to words.  He is very funny and his comic timing is getting better daily.

It is my understanding that folks don’t like bragging moms all that much so I will save my gloating for this blog.  My kid is friggin’ adorable and the light of my life.  I just can’t contain myself.  Last night, we took him to El Torito and he sat in a booster seat at the table the entire meal like a little angel.  He tried to make eye contact with the other diners and say “hi” to everyone but besides that, he was engaged with us and easily entertained with a Thomas the Train catalog and some nifty stickers.  We split the kids fajitas and he helped himself to the fresh fruit bowl.  I was majorly impressed.

Not to mention our trip to the book store yesterday.  My little man loves himself some books!  We spent about 45 minutes at Barnes and Noble picking books and then taking them to the little bench to read them.  He was the best behaved boy there.  He easily enters a situation with other children and has no problem saying, “hi,” sharing with the others and leaves playtime easily when it’s time to go.

He is a joy.  🙂

baby_einstein.jpgRyder is a few days shy of 14 months and boy oh boy, has he made great strides since he hit the big zero one!

He can now imitate certain sounds like these all time classic hits:

  • tsk tsk tsk
  • smack smack (today he blew two kisses)
  • dum de dum
  • Doggy (which sounds more like “boggee”)
  • Fishee
  • Ma Ma
  • Daddy
  • Shakes his head noooo (especially when you ask for a kiss)
  • Ba Ba (our word for the pacifier)
  • Ball (ba)
  • Book (boo)
  • and the perennial favorite – “BYE BYE!” 

He’s become an avid reader.  He loves Where the Wild Things Are best of all and could hear it over and over.

He’s also becoming a better dancer.  We give him a little sample flower girl basket and sing Here Comes the Bride as he marches around.  Adorable.

Well, a whole freakin’ year has gone by.  I have been a mom mom for a whole year.  I can hardly believe it.  A year ago today, I was recovering from having my mid-section surgically pulled open in order for Ryder to get out the easy way.  He spent the next two days in NICU and I spent the next two days trying to get my head around what had just happened.

The last few weeks we have been transitioning from infancy to toddlerhood.  There have been some major changes in what Ryder eats and how often he eats.  Most notably, he is finally off the $25 a can organic formula he’s been drinking since 7 months or so.  This is a $100 a month habit that we are happy to break.  The cow’s milk is 100% whole, fatty, organic and delicious.  He hates it.  I keep taking sips myself to figure out why he is rejecting it.  I myself haven’t had whole milk since I was probably his age and my god, is it good!

The hardest part about change is fearing it.  For instance, I put the tyke down tonight with no goodnight bottle.  Just changed his diaper and threw him in the crib. Gus and I kidded about our new bedtime routine.  While other weary parents spent an hour bathing, reading, bottling and singing, our routine tonight consisted of a diaper change.  He howled a bit but the shots this morning made him pretty drowsy (not to mention irritable!) and he’s happily snoozing away as we speak.

His doctor appointment went well today.  He’s 31 inches tall and 23 pounds.  90th% for height and 50th% for weight.  Doc says he will be 6’3″, 175lbs at adulthood.  Sounds about right. 

Happy first birthday to my little boy, favorite toy and pride and joy. 


Ryder is 2 days shy of 11 months.  This year has shot by like a rocket and it’s scaring the crap out of me!  At this rate, I’ll be a grandma in a blink of an eye. 

My kid has been walking now for over a month and at this point, he’s borderline pro.  If there was an extreme sport for toddling, Ryder would be a serious contender.  He has mastered slowing, stopping and turning.  Carrying multiple items is really no big deal.  As of yesterday, he’s standing up without the aid of the wall, a chair or mom mom’s leg. 

His latest party trick is talking on the “phone.”  No need for an actual phone – he is fine with the remote control, his bottle or a hand will do.  He puts the “phone” to one ear and yells “HEY!”  We find it very amusing.

Yesterday, he was in his stroller for a walk when he turned around to me, cocked his little head and yelled “Mom mom?”  It was the first time I knew that he knew that I was Mom mom.  It was awesome.

I have no idea how big and tall the kid is getting but he’s massive.  And gorgeous.  Now, I know I’m his Mom mom and I’m totally biased but my oh my is that one good looking boy!  His hair is now so thick and golden brown.  His eyes are giant pools of chocolate brown.  He makes this adorable little scrunchy, happy face.

Happy 11 months, Gustav Ryder. You are the apple of my eye! 

Ryder takes two 2 hour naps a day and sleeps from about 6pm to 7am daily.  When he is awake, he is practicing.  He never stops.  He is constantly in a cycle of crawl to the wall, pull yourself to a standing position, walk as far as you can manage, fall to the floor and catch yourself paying particular attention to protecting your head, crawl to the wall, pull yourself to a…”  By the time he goes for a nap or to bed, he is exhausted.  And slightly sweaty. 

He is not only working on walking constantly, he is multi-tasking his development by also working hard on carrying objects as he practices walking.  When he isn’t carrying and walking, he is reaching and walking – perfecting the art of picking things off the ground and elsewhere.  He falls on his little butt about 85-95% of the time.  Crawl to the wall, pull yourself to a…”

I am equally impressed with his new language abilities.  It is amazing how expressive a human baby can be using two freakin’ syllables – BA and BA.  He has been babbling BA BA pretty much ceaselessly in a myriad of different tones and inflections for a few weeks at least.  But, yesterday, something magical happened.  He discovered that if he used his new baby arm wave at the same time he says his same ol’ BA BA, everyone goes nuts. 
CIMG1789.JPGRyder still has one tooth.  It is starting to be a conversation starter at the playground.  Most 10 month old babies have the typical two to four teeth.  On the plus side, he can eat all the strawberries he likes with no hassels from the seeds.


This last month has been crazy.  Ryder has gotten so big and so mobile!  He’s still not crawling properly but who needs crawling when you can walk?  And run?  We still need to lend at least a finger to help him along but he’s about a week away from going at it alone. 

Ryder’s doctor visit was a week ago.  He weighed 21 lbs, was 29.5 inches tall.  He’s in the 75% for weight and 90% for height.  He’s a big boy.  He did really well at the doctor and only had one shot.  We didn’t have too many questions for Dr. Metsch this time around because things have been going really well.  Ryder’s eating EVERYTHING, sleeping all night long and taking three naps a day.  Life is good.

He can say a few words – Ma Mom, Da Da, Ba Ba and most recently, he’s working on Na Na and the ever popular “HEY!”  He babbles away all day long.  Practice, practice, practice.

We’re starting to think about trying for number two baby which is exciting and scary at the same time.  While this last nine months has rocketed by, I can still remember the first two months when we were so sleep deprived and the feedings, oh the feedings.  I’m not sure I really want to go there again so soon.  Plus, it has been so nice getting to drink whatever and whenever I want.  But, we want the kids to be close in age and we might as well get the hard stuff done with.  Of course, there’s also the feeling that once this next pregnancy is over and the baby is born, that will be it.  I will never have that awesome experience again.  That makes me sad.

More to come in the next few months.  I wonder if RyD will be walking on his own the next time I update my blog??

We were at Mimi’s house today and she thought it would be fun to get Ryder’s daddy’s baby book out.  We looked at photos of him when he was 8 months old, just like Ryder is now, and got a good laugh.  RyD’s daddy was a huge baby and he had tons of teeth at just 10 months old.  Since he was the first born in his family, his mommy was fastidious about entering everything into his baby book – all his injuries, triumphs and feats. 

It got me to thinking, RyD is 8 months old and I haven’t written too much of anything down.  With the exception of this here blog, most of Ryder’s history will have to examined by photo.  But, before I forget this stuff, I want to at least jot down some important stuff.

Ryder is about 8 and half months old.  He sleeps like a champ.  While other moms complain of fussy nights and impossible mornings, Ryder goes down every night by 6 and sleeps until 7 or 8.  It’s been that way ever since sleep training which we performed at 6 months.  It took about 2 weeks but man, was it worth it.  Tonight, we even put him down in a crib at his grandparents’ house and he fell right to sleep with not so much as a peep.

Ryder has an excellent constitution.  He is teething a bit but he always has regular bowel movements and I haven’t noticed any indigestion.  No food allergies.  He loves to eat – everything!  Thankfully, we avoided his father’s famous aversion to olives and pickles.  If her can fit it in his mouth, he’ll eat it.  He mostly enjoys oatmeal with apple sauce for breakfast and something savory for dinner like carrots, beef and vegetables.  Yummy! 

Overall, Ryder has a lovely disposition – just as long as he’s the center of attention.  He is very quick to smile and he has the most adorably infectious little giggle.  He’s all boy too – he makes a lot of grunts and triumphant bellows!  Like a baby caveman. 

He loves to play with everything and all objects must be mouth inspected first.  His first little tooth is coming in this week – on the bottom left – and we’re not sure how bad it hurts him.  He seems to be handling it well. 

The big news this month is the cruising.  While he can’t quite get his big 20 lb. body up on his own, with a little help, he loves to stand.  He could stand all day.  He loves practicing to walk which is a bit back breaking for his folks – I never had back issues up until this month.  Luckily, he’s starting to get pretty good at using the couch to waddle around.

What a little angel this child is.  I still can’t believe my fortune in getting to be his mom.  He makes my world a better place every day.