Blueberry Bujkovsky is 7 weeks and 1 day old today.  Everyone tells you the same old stuff about pregnancy – about the morning sickness and the fatigue.  They remind you to get your sleep now – like we are grizzly bears who can hibernate for the winter.  They never tell you how to survive the 10 months until the baby comes when you are a super impatient person.  Even though Blueberry has grown 10,000 times in size since we first made him, he’s not growing fast enough for mom. 

My pregnancy so far has been way too easy.  No fatigue, no morning sickness.  I feel great.  I love seeing the tiny bit of difference in my tummy from week to week – it just feels different but probably looks the same to everyone but my old trainer at the gym.  He doesn’t know about Blueberry – he just thinks that I’m getting fat and he keeps giving me these little disapproving looks from across the gym.

Embryo growth is often times described in terms of food – so you can picture how very small your baby is.  I made a graphic of this: