baby_einstein.jpgRyder is a few days shy of 14 months and boy oh boy, has he made great strides since he hit the big zero one!

He can now imitate certain sounds like these all time classic hits:

  • tsk tsk tsk
  • smack smack (today he blew two kisses)
  • dum de dum
  • Doggy (which sounds more like “boggee”)
  • Fishee
  • Ma Ma
  • Daddy
  • Shakes his head noooo (especially when you ask for a kiss)
  • Ba Ba (our word for the pacifier)
  • Ball (ba)
  • Book (boo)
  • and the perennial favorite – “BYE BYE!” 

He’s become an avid reader.  He loves Where the Wild Things Are best of all and could hear it over and over.

He’s also becoming a better dancer.  We give him a little sample flower girl basket and sing Here Comes the Bride as he marches around.  Adorable.