Oh, Rydee.  You cute little munchkin, you.  I wake up in the middle of the night to pure silence.  You go down for naps without as much as a peep.  You can entertain yourself for minutes while I answer emails.  You have become a real mensch since month 6.5.  You only cry when hungry or tired.  Otherwise, you have a huge grin plastered on your perfect doll baby face.  You love to laugh.  It’s infectious.  Everyone loves you and you are most certainly the class clown.

Eating is going well.  You have been formula fed since the 6 month mark.  I was still nursing you in the morning up until a week or so ago but since daddy and I are thinking about making another one of you, you and I have moved on.  You don’t seem to miss breastfeeding too much – although you do make googly eyes at me sometimes.  You eat two solid meals a day – breakfast is usually cereal and fruit and dinner is veggies, meat and grains.  Delish.

Sleeping has been wonderful.  Sleep training took a little under 2 weeks but now you sleep from 6pm to 6:30 or 7am every morning.  You also take two or three naps a day.  Thank goodness for naps.  You love your crib and only get your pacifier for sleeping these days.  Oh, and you’ve been sleeping unswaddled for about a month now. 

You are starting to want to get around some.  No real crawling action yet but you can army crawl.  You also have a walker at the office that you are getting pretty good at using. 

You are such a good boy.  🙂