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Had our 33 week ultrasound today.  Ultrasounds are always fun because we get to peak into Ryder’s womb-world.  Jenny was our technician again and I think she probably dislikes me as much as I dislike her because I ask A LOT of questions. 

Baby Ryder is measuring large.  His abdominal cavity puts him almost at 37 weeks old and his head puts him at 36 weeks.  His femur length is now normal.  Hi estimated fetal weight is between 5lbs 5 oz and 5lbs 11 oz.  Holy cow!  The kid is almost 6 lbs and all my baby web site newsletters say he’s supposed to be 4lbs 5 oz by now.

So, the head is a bit intimidating, I have to admit.  But, mommy and baby are both doing really well besides us both measuring a little more than we’re suppose to. 

It’s funny to see him all squished up in there like a pretzel.  He’s gotta be getting bored by now. 


So cool!  We were featured on CNN Money yesterday!  The blurb with our picture was on the very top of the home page and it still seems to be rotating in from time to time today.

cnn.jpgThe writer, Emily, called me the other day and asked for an interview about The Younique Boutique and how we were coping with the recession.  I think the piece turned out really well.  Plus, it’s super neat to see our photo up there.  I personally go to CNN Money daily so this was a big deal for me.

We have received some other press lately too. We have been featured on, New Jersey Bride and most recently, on Fox 6 News.