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Thank you to Theresa and Robbie for this custom fairytale wedding cake topper essay submission.  Theresa and Robbie have a pretty awesome love story and we are so happy they chose to share it with us.  Good luck, you two!
Christmas lights are twinkling all around us as we snap pictures under the tropical trees at Disney’s Polynesian. Then, all of the sudden he is down on one knee and the world stopped.  It was like a million butterflies were released into my stomach and I guess into his too since he did not say a word.  He just stared up at me with those brown puppy dog eyes holding out the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen.  I waited only a moment before exclaiming, “Well aren’t you gonna put it on me?!” In that moment, I forgot my mom and brother were there, capturing the whole thing.  I could not stop shaking and when he hugged me, I never wanted him to let go of me.  November 28, 2011 will forever be one of the best days of my life.

My fiancé, Robbie, and I met when I moved next door to him in May 2004 in order to go to Ocean City High School.  We instantly had a connection and hung out with our little brothers each and every day during the summer.

Robbie and I started going out on February 14, 2005 when we were freshman at Ocean City High School.  Just like our engagement, Robbie was so nervous to ask me to be his girlfriend that he chickened out all day and waited until after school.  The two of us were on AIM and he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend.  As soon as I said yes, he abruptly said, “Okay, I have to go to the gym. I love you!”  I was shocked when he had said I love you right away, within seconds if him being my boyfriend.

Soon after we started going out Robbie’s parents were separated and divorced a year later.  Then, during my senior year, my parents were separated.  Soon after, Robbie and I went to two different colleges.  Through it all we managed to get stronger and closer with each hardship.  Freshman year of college was rough, but I managed to go home most weekends just to see Robbie.  He always had the ability to make my day and allow me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, we are finally finishing up with college, we have our own puppy, and we live with my mom.  Robbie and I are excited to start this new chapter in our lives.  Robbie is more excited about after the wedding, however, being a lifelong planner, I have dreamed about this wedding my entire life.  I hope to be a princess on my wedding day.  Robbie has always been so strong for me and I want to give back to him by making our wedding as memorable as possible.

On June 28, 2014 (twenty-eight is my lucky number and fourteen is Robbie’s) we will be getting married at our local church with a reception to follow at Abbie Holme’s Estate, an old farmhouse near our home.  This venue is perfect for us because we are not the traditional banquet hall ballroom type.  The farmhouse has a plain but beautiful atrium where dinner and dancing will be held.  Our theme is elegant country chic with hints of princess, Disney, and Harry Potter.  I hope to have my guests feel like they are outside when they walk into the atrium.  There will be flower, lanterns, candles, and Manzanita branches everywhere!! The ceiling will hopefully look like a beautiful, star-lit sky.

The princess aspect of the theme comes in especially with my dress.  I bought my dress about two months ago from David’s Bridal with my mother and family friend.  We went in just to have fun, not to buy dresses.  However, I fell in love with the dress and could not imagine seeing myself in anything else.  I even bought a matching flower to go in my hair, also from David’s Bridal.

I believe food is a huge part of having a memorable wedding.  The food should be flavorful and unique.  I will be incorporating my creative touch into the dessert table since my venue is primarily catering, not desserts.  I hope to have different live stations, like a nitrogen ice cream bar and fresh donuts.  However, the cake is extremely important to Robbie.  Therefore, I need to make it perfect and it will be the showcase piece on the dessert table.

My dream wedding cake would have a fully customized cake topper. I want it to have everything from my exact dress that is pictured above, his suit/tux color, and my hairstyle.  The probable hairstyle is pictured below from the blog, Style Me Pretty.  However, since the wedding is two years away this may change.  The position is the easiest thing to decide.  Since, my favorite place to be is embraced in Robbie’s arms, the figurines would be positioned like picture on the right found on the blog, Style Me Pretty.  I believe this pose is so romantic and full of love.  I love how the bride and groom are staring into each other’s eyes. The cake will be based on the cake below from The Knot website.  However, there will be one more layer on top.  On the top layer, it will read, “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”  To go along with this quote, there would be Jim Shore, Disney Prince and Princess figures on the table all around the cake.  The theme of this cake would not be perfect without a customized cake topper of Robbie and I from The Younique Boutique. Not only will it make a great wedding cake topper, but also I look forward to showcasing it in Robbie and my future home.


Groom's Dress Unform with Beret.jpgThank you to Katie and her fiance for submitting their love story essay entrant in our Win a Custom Wedding Cake Topper contest.  Katie’s fiance is an enrolled Army soldier and will be wearing his Army dress uniform at their wedding.  Katie would have the bride wearing a Philadelphia Phillies jersey and waving an American flag. specializes in custom military wedding cake toppers so this is just perfect.


My fiancé and I have been together for six years and he still gives me butterflies after all this time.  We started dating when I was a freshmen and he was a junior in high school, so he is definitely my high school sweetheart.  He joined the Army National Guard when he was 17 and he had to leave for Basic Combat Training and his Advanced Individual Training on his birthday after he graduated.  That was the hardest thing I ever had to do- saying goodbye.  It was a very long nine weeks communicating just through letters then graduation came.  He vowed to never get me roses but on our two year anniversary while he was in boot camp, a dozen roses showed up at my door and a love letter from him.  I never knew you could fall even more in love being over 900 miles away from each other.  His Advanced Individual Training was four months.  It was rough.  I was at our high school district track meet the day he came home, and when we pulled into the parking lot, I saw his dad’s car and I starting crying.  The coaches let me off the bus first to finally be able to hug him after all that time.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Christmas Eve 2010 came along and his sister-in-law made him and his brother wear their Army dress uniforms for Christmas mass.  He was not happy about that but he did anyway.  I had to go last for secret Santa after mass and his cousin gave me this wrapped box.  It was taped closed and I couldn’t get it open.  When I opened it, it was a ring.  My fiancé got down on one knee in his Class A’s and said, “Katie Rose will you marry me?”
Phillies jersey - Will say HUNSICKER with number 18.jpg
He was always a Phillies fan and I never got into watching them but once he was gone, I had to watch the games for him.  I am now a huge Phillies fan.  We go to a few games a year and have such a fun time.  We are planning our wedding for July 4th, 2014.  We are having a red, white and blue theme. We picked that date since its Independence Day with him being in the army and can also throw in the Phillies since their colors are the same. Plus it’s an easy date for my fiancé to remember. Our ceremony will be at his catholic church in Easton, PA then our reception is at the Masonic Temple in Bethlehem, PA and the Sands casino is right across the street.  Every 4th of July the casino shoots off fireworks so we get free fireworks to end off the night and to go out with a bang!

For the cake topper, I would the groom to be in his dress greens uniform with his beret and the bride to have a wedding dress with a Phillies jersey, with “HUNSICKER” on the back with number 18, on top like in the sports theme cake toppers on the website with her holding an American flag flying in her other hand.  The bride and groom will be holding hands.  That is why I chose this idea for the wedding topper.



Thank you to Luke and Brittany for their adorable love story and entry into our contest to win a fully custom wedding cake topper.  Brittany wants to incorporate Luke’s love of the guitar with her nursing career and their mutual love of Christ.  Their dream wedding cake topper will have the groom playing a guitar with the bride holding a nursing book and a cross behind them.  Read their story here.

So our story begins my freshman year at WCU. Luke and I met thorough mutual friends and it was just fate! I was going through a really rough time and Luke was my best friend throughout the entire ordeal. It was then that I realized I loved him and was going to marry him someday. So of course eventually we started dating and we just grew closer and closer.

He is the best friend I have ever had and I could not imagine life without him. Our engagement story was a pretty awesome one too, he really did put a lot of thought into it and it was amazing!

So the place that I first accepted Christ was beneath the cross at Lake Junaluska in Waynesville, NC. I told Luke this a long time ago. So the day started that my girls(Brittany and Taylor) and I were having a girls day in Asheville, NC and our significant others were going to have a guys day and go to Jack In the Box and get the new bacon milkshakes.

Well Brittany had also asked Taylor and I if we could stop and see her family from Canada that were visiting near Lake Junaluska. We of course said yes and she then told us we had to dress up because it was a country club and we would not be let in if we were not dressed up. Well on our way back from Asheville we stopped and she told me that she thought their house was near the cross at Lake Junaluska so I told her how to get there since I had been there before.

As we pulled up to the cross I saw Luke Jeff and Josh and was SUPER confused. Everyone was so dressed up and I did not know what was going on. I went up to Luke and he said that we were going to take some pictures since we were all dressed up, then he said we were going to dance. At that time Brittany and Jeff started playing Luke’s arrangement (he is a music major and he arranged the song for trumpet) of “our song” which is Lucky.

Then he told me to turn around after we were done dancing. He came back and tapped me on the shoulder and had roses in his hand. Inside the roses was the ring 🙂 He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in the same spot I accepted Christ. I of course said yes and then Jeff and Brittany started playing Luke’s arrangement of Can You Feel the Love Tonight! It meant the world to me and him that all of our friends were involved in the proposal.

Luke and I want to have the wedding outdoors at this venue that has like a 3 floored gazebo and pavilion! It is in the shape of a cross and it is AMAZING. We plan on having the cake table in the middle of the reception. We are going to have the colors purple and blue and the date is May 25, 2013.

We are so excited and are really looking forward to sharing this great time with all of our friends and family. We plan on having a huge cake because there will be a lot of people there! It is really important to us to have a wedding cake topper that is unique to us because we plan on having it put into a memory box to have as a keepsake.

For our topper we want to have a guy that has long blonde hair playing a guitar and a girl that has dark brown hair watching him in awe with a nursing book beside her. I am in nursing school and he is always playing his guitar while I’m studying to keep me calm. We would also like to have a cross and WCU incorporated into the topper as well. If it is possible we would also like to have “Lucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend” written around the bottom!